Oguz han Engineering and technology university of Turkmenistan

Ashgabat, Koshi Street, 100, (99312) 39-16-00


At the Engineering and Technological University of Turkmenistan, OGUZ Khan, they train specialists in the following specialties:


Computer science and information technologies faculty

1. Applied mathematics and informatics

2. Informatics and computing techniquesy

3. Information systems and technologies

4. Digital economy

5. Digital infrastructure and cybersecurity

6. Mobile and network engineering

7. Animation and graphic design

Chemical and nanotechnology faculty

1. Chemical technology

2. Chemical engineering

3. Materials science and new materials’ technology

4. Nanomaterials

Biotechnology and ecology faculty

1. Cell and molecular biology

2. Genetics and bioengineering

3. Biotechnology

4. Ecology and nature management

Automation and electronics faculty

1. Automation and control

2. Mechatronics and robotics

3. Electronics and nanoelectronics

4. Biomedical electronics

5. Physics of modern technologies

Economics of innovations faculty

1. Innovatics

2. Innovation economics

3. Staff management

Master’s degree

1. Methodology of teaching engineering and technical lessons