Turkmen State Institute of Culture

Ashgabat, 1945 street (10 years of Prosperity), 114



Specialists of the Turkmen State Institute of Culture are trained in the following specialties:


Faculty of Theater Arts

1. Drama and film actor

2. The art of acting

3.Variety and Circus Games Artist

4.Circus art

5.Puppet Theater Actor


7.Theater Studies and Dramaturgy


9.Television directing

10.Sound directing

11.Drama directing

12.Organizing and conducting telecasts


14.The film is being directedy

15.Decorating with light

Cultural Heritage Faculty

1. Organizing and managing a national dance troupe

2. Organizing and managing an amateur music group

3. Organizing and managing a folklore group

4.Organizing and organizing cultural events

5.Cultural Studies

Faculty of Library

1. Organizing library work

2. Organization of archival paperwork and archival work

3. Business administration and archival work

4. Organizing museum work

5. Protection of museumology, cultural and natural heritage monuments

6. Preservation of museum work and cultural monuments

7. Archeology

8. Restoration of historical and ethnographic values

9. Restoration and restoration of historical and cultural monuments

10.Information science and technology

11. Information science and technology

12.Economics and Management (in the field of culture)

Faculty of Tourism

1. Travel business

2. Hotel business