Institute of Engineering and Transport Communications of Turkmenistan

Aşgabat ş., Büzmeýin etraby, Senagat köçesi, 51-nji jaý



The Institute of Engineering and Transport Communications of Turkmenistan trains specialists in 27 specialties:


Faculty of Public Infrastructure and Engineering Systems

1. Special-purpose engineering systems and facilities

2.Engineering systems and networks

3. Real Estate Expertise and Management

4. Housing and public infrastructure

5. Heat, gas supply and air exchange

6. Water supply, wastewater treatment and protection of water resources

7. Water supply and sewerage systems

8. Architectural design

Faculty of Mechanics and Technology

1. Technological security

2. Lifting-carrying, specialized machinery and equipment

3. Lifting, hauling, construction, road vehicles and equipment

4.Power supply

5. Railway power supply

Faculty of Transport

1. Automobiles and automobiles

2. Organization and management of traffic in motor vehicles

3. Air traffic control

4. Technical operation of aircraft equipment and engines

5. Technical use of aircraft aviation and electronic equipment

6. Organization and management of air traffic

7. Sailing

8. Use of ship's power facilities

9. Shipbuilding

10. Use of loading and unloading equipment of ports and transport stations

Faculty of Railway Transport

1. Construction, operation and maintenance of highways, bridges and tunnels

2. Construction of highways and runways

3. Railway construction, road and road construction



6.Bridges and transport tunnels

7. Bridges and traffic patterns

8. Traffic management and traffic control

9. Organization of traffic and traffic control

Faculty of Economics and Digital Technology

1. Economics and Management

2. Accounting and Auditing

3. Logistics

4.Automation of production and technological processes

5. Information systems and technologies