Turkmen National Conservatory named after M. Kuliyeva

Ashgabat, 1984 str., 22, (99312) 92-31-37



Maya Kuliyeva Turkmen National Conservatory trains 15 specialists in Turkmenistan:


Faculty of Folk Music

1. Folk musical instruments

2. Turkmen music

3. The art of forgiveness

Faculty of Orchestral Musical Instruments

1. Blowing and knocking musical instruments

2. Stringed musical instruments

3. Road art

Faculty of Music, Conducting and Music Teaching

1. Choral conductor

2. Orchestra conductor

3. Music teaching

4. The art of music

5. Opera art

Faculty of Composition, Music Studies and Piano

1. Musicology

2. Linguistics on the history and theory of Turkmen music

3. Composition

4. Piano