Turkmen Agricultural University Named after S.A.Niyazov

Ashgabat, 43 Gorogly Street, (99312) 34-01-84

S.A.Niyazov Turkmen Agricultural University trains specialists in 26 specialties:


Faculty of Agronomy

1. Agronomy

2.Selection and breeding of agricultural crops

3. Horticulture, fruit and vegetable farming

Faculty of Agroecology

1. Forest and park gardening

2. Agrochemistry and Soil Studies

3. Plant Protection

4. sericulture

Faculty of Economics and Management of Agriculture

1.Agricultural Economics

2. Agricultural Accounting and Auditing

3. Information systems in agriculture

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

1. Veterinary Medicine


3. Equestrianism

Faculty of Textile Production

1. Spinning of natural fibers

2. Technology of sewing production

3.Fabric production

4. The first processing of cotton

Faculty of Agricultural Products Processing

1. Processing of meat and dairy products

2. Grain processing

3. Vegetable oil production

4. Fruit and vegetable processing

Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization

1. Mechanization of agriculture

2. Mechanization of reclamation works

3. Agriculture (training of engineering teachers)

Faculty of Irrigation

1. Hydromelioration

2. Land construction and cadastre