Turkmen State Institute of Economics and Management

Ashgabat, 73 (Atatürk) Street, 1972, (99312) 48-62-31


The Turkmen State Institute of Economics and Management trains specialists in 31 specialties:


Faculty of Economics

1. Accounting and Auditing;

2. Economics and Law;

3.Financial law;

4. Statistics;

5. Economic security;

6. Economics (bachelor's degree);

7. Economics.

Faculty of Finance

1.Financial Management;

2. Securities market;

3. Pricing;

4.Cash flow and credit;

5. World Financial Market;

6. Digital Economics (Bachelor).

Faculty of Management

1. World economy;

2. Management;

3. Enterprise Economics and Management;

4.State and local government;

5. Macroeconomics;

6. Information systems in economics and management;

7. Economic cybernetics;

8. Software of automated systems and computer equipment;

9.Management (undergraduate);

10. Business and Entrepreneurship (Bachelor);

11. Management.

Marketing Faculty

1. Labor economy and market;

2.Organization of social welfare of the population;


4. Quality management;

5. Commodity Studies and Commodity Expertise;

6. Public catering;

7. Business (Bachelor).

Professional development