Turkmen State Institute of Architecture and Construction

Ashgabat, 136 Baba Annanov Street, (99312) 28-18-00



The Turkmen State Institute of Architecture and Training trains specialists in 31 specialties:


Faculty of Architecture and Construction

1. Industrial and civil construction

2. City development


4.City planning and residential planning

5.Architectural design

6. Architecture is the decoration of the environment

7. Heat, gas supply and air exchange

8. Water supply, wastewater treatment and protection of water resources

Faculty of Chemical Technology

1.Chemical technology of inorganic substances

2.Non-ferrous metal and chemical technology of silicate materials

3.Machinery and apparatus of chemical production and building materials enterprises

4.Chemical technology of glass and cital

Faculty of Engineering and Mechanics

1.Lifting, hauling, construction, road vehicles and equipment

2.Power supply

3.Electrical operation and automation of industrial facilities and technological complexes

4.Metallurgy of ferrous metals

5.Pressure processing of metals

Faculty of Computer Technology and Automation

1.Automation of production and technological processes

2.Information and measurement technology and technology

3.Microelectronics and semiconductor devices

4.Industrial electronics

5.Automated data processing and management systems

6.Information Technology Software

Faculty of Economics and Management

1.Economics and Management (in the Construction Industry)

2.Enterprise Economics and Management (in the Construction Industry)

3.Logistics (construction industry)

4.Real Estate Expertise and Management

Faculty of Road Construction

1.Construction materials, products, and manufacture of structures

2.Applied geodesy

3.Construction of highways and runways

4.Bridges and transport tunnels