The International University of Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan named after Yagshigeldi Kakaev

Ashgabat,  Archabil Avenue 8, (99312) 39-13-00


The International University of Oil and Gas trains specialists in 23 majors:


Faculty of Oil and Gas

1. Drilling of oil and gas wells

2. Development and use of oil and gas fields

3. Design, construction and operation of oil and gas pipelines and oil and gas storage facilities

4. Oil and gas business

Faculty of Geology

1. Hydrogeology and geology of engineering

2. Surface mining

3.Development of mineral resources

4. Enrichment of minerals

5.Geological mapping and exploration of ore deposits

6. Mine surveying

7. Geology of oil and gas

8. Geophysical methods of searching and exploring minerals

9. Geology and prospecting of minerals

Faculty of Chemical Technology and Ecology

1. Chemical technology of oil and gas refining

2. Environmental protection and efficient use of natural resources

3. Standardization and certification

4. Chemical technology

Faculty of Economics and Management

1. Information technology software

2. Automated data processing and management systems

3. Economy and management (in the oil and gas sector)

4. Logistics (in the oil and gas sector)

5.Programme Engineering

Faculty of Energy and Engineering Facilities

1. Machines and equipment of oil and gas fields

2.Cooler, compressor machines and facilities

3.Gas turbine facilities and gas compressor stations

4. Oil and gas facilities and industrial construction

5.Power supply

6.Electrical operation and automation of industrial facilities and technological complexes