International University for Humanities and Development

Ashgabat, 1958 (Andalyp) Street, 169, (99312) 39-85-81


Specialties taught in the 2019-2020 academic year at the International University of Humanities and Development list:


Faculty of Social and Humanities




Faculty of International Economics and Management

1.International Economy

2.International management

3.International Finance

4.Insurance business

5.International Trade

Faculty of Information Technology

1.Computer technology

2.Computer system, software

3.Information and communication technology

Faculty of International Law and International Relations

1.International public law

2.International Private Law

3.International law

4.International Relations and World Politics

5.International Relations and Diplomacy

Master's degree

1.Education Management (Master's Degree)

2.Business Administration (Master's Degree)

3.Department of Linguistics