Indira Gandhi Secondary Medical School of Ashgabat

Ashgabat city, 2023 (Mati Kosayev) street, 90

announces admission for students for the 
2021–2022 school year in following specialties:
I. On a budgetary basis:
Medical care.
Nursing care.
Laboratory diagnostics.
Physical medicine and rehabilitation.
II. On a fee-paying basis:
Nursing care.
The medical school admits the citizens of Turkmenistan under 35 years of age, having an education not less than general secondary education, and permanently residing in Ashgabat city and Akhal region, according to the results of entrance exams on a competitive basis.
The documents are accepted in Ashgabat city and in the center of Akhal region from 12 to 25 July, 2021.
List of documents:
application addressed to the director in the established form;
questionary in the established form;
educational certificate (original);
health certificate in form, established by the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan;
reference from last place of study (employment, military unit);
eight photos 3x4 cm;
certified copy of work record book for employed persons;
winners of the state academic competitions of school students, members of the teams of Turkmenistan, participated in the international academic competitions on school subjects submit original of the related documents, confirming these grounds.
Besides, the intended students together with above documents submit and surrender to the admission committee copies of following documents:
military service card or conscription registration certificate and reference from the draft board according to the place of residence.
The intended student can submit other documents which confirm the non- competitive and (or) prerogative right at the enrollment of students.
The enrollee is personally responsible for the incorrect submitted information and unreliable document.
The entrance exams and enrollment are carried out in the Ashgabat Medical School named after Indira Gandhi (Ashgabat city) and in the center of Akhal region in following period:
Ashgabat city - 28 July, 29 July and 30 July;
Akhal region – 1 August, 2 August and 3 August.
The entrance exams on all specialties are chemistry, biology, history of Turkmenistan.
The entrance exams on the school subjects are held on the basis of the curriculum of the secondary schools of Turkmenistan.
The entrance examson the school subjects are verbal in the state language. In order to determine the stability for the chosen specialty, all enrollee will be invited to the pathological anatomical museum.
Persons who did not appear for a valid reason for the exam at the scheduled time or who did not hold the exam in one of the subjects are not allowed for the subsequent exams.
Non-competitively and with the prerogative right are enrolled for the students the enrollees, provided that the entrance examinations are successfully passed, in accordance with the provisions established by the Law of Turkmenistan “About education” (new edition).
Address of Ashgabat Medical School named after Indira Gandhi: Ashgabat city, 2023 (M. Kosayev) street, 90; tel.: 36-96-73, 36-93-82