MINISTRY OF EDUCATION OF TURKMENISTAN announces the selection of applicants to study at a Hungarian universities on higher education and master's degree programmes for the 2021-2022 academic year

Hungarian universities accept citizens of Turkmenistan not older than 35 years old who have general secondary or secondary vocational (higher education for Master's programs) education, as well as graduates of secondary schools of the 2020/2021 academic year who reach the age of 18 before August 31, 2021, proficient in English, based on the results of entrance examinations on a competitive basis. Information about the list of universities, specialties and the number of places in Hungarian universities for higher education and master's degree programmes, as well as the conditions of study is provided by the admissions committee of the International University for the Humanities and Development. Acceptance of documents will be carried out from February 20 to March 1, 2021 in the following educational institutions: - at the International University of the Humanities and Development for applicants from Ashgabat and Ahal province; - in the Main Department of Education of the Balkan province for applicants from the Balkan province; - at the State Institute of Energy of Turkmenistan for applicants from the Mary province; - at the Seyitnazar Seydi Pedagogical Institute for applicants from Lebap province; - at the Turkmen Agricultural Institute for applicants from the Dashoguz province List of documents: - application and questionnaire for citizens of Turkmenistan according to the established forms; - a document (original) on general secondary or secondary vocational education (for those entering master's degree programmes - a document on higher education) or a certified copy of a personal file with grades; - medical certificate in the form established by the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan (medical certificate issued to applicants to higher educational institutions outside of Turkmenistan); - characteristics from the last place of study or work (military unit); - twelve photographs measuring 3x4 cm; - a certified copy of the work book for employees; - the winners of the state Olympiad for schoolchildren, members of the national teams of Turkmenistan, who have participated in international Olympiads in general education subjects, who has the preferential right to enroll in state institutions of secondary and higher professional education, subject to successful passing of the entrance exams, submit the original of the relevant documents confirming these conditions. In addition, applicants along with the above documents present and submit copies of the following documents to the admissions office: - a passport of a citizen of Turkmenistan, as well as a passport for leaving and entering Turkmenistan; - those who have served in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan - a military card, and young men who did not do military service - a certificate and a certificate from the military commissariat at the place of residence. If necessary, the admission committee of the university may request from the applicant additional information required to travel to study in foreign countries. The applicant is personally responsible for incorrectly provided information and documents. Entrance exams and selection will be carried out at the International University of Humanities and Development (Ashgabat) from March 7- 9, 2021. Entrance exams are conducted in the form of testing in general subjects, as well as interviews on the history of Turkmenistan (for those entering master's degree programmes - an interview in the field of vocational training, as well as on the history of Turkmenistan). Testing will be carried out in writing, interviews are conducted orally in the state language of Turkmenistan. Persons who did not show up for the exam at the scheduled time or did not pass the exam in one of the subjects are not allowed to subsequent exams. The address of educational institutions, which will accept documents: - International University for the Humanities and Development: 169, 1958 st. (Andalib), Ashgabat city; Phone: 39-85-62, 39-85-25. - Main Department of Education of the Balkan province: 168th residential complex, Balkanabat city, Balkan province; Phone: 80022264902, 80022264994 - State Institute of Energy of Turkmenistan: 62, Bayramkhan st., Mary city, Mary province; Phone: 80052257502, 80052257517 - Seitnazar Seydi Pedagogical Institute: 7, Shabende st., Turkmenabat city, Lebap province; Phone: 80042234525, 80042236587 -Turkmen Agricultural Institute: 94, Rukhnama st., Dashoguz city, Dashoguz province; Phone: 80032293392, 80032292747