Refresher courses for teachers were held at the National Institute of Education of Turkmenistan


The National Institute of Education of Turkmenistan organized refresher courses for teachers, which are held on a regular basis.

This time, the course participants were specialists from regional departments of education and leaders of methodological associations that are responsible for teaching humanitarian disciplines in schools: the history of Turkmenistan, world history, world culture, the basics of the economy, geography, social science, the foundations of the state and law of Turkmenistan.

The focus areas for study were the tasks arising from the State Program for Social and Economic Development for the next thirty years and the Law of Turkmenistan "On Education", published in a new edition.

The speakers and mentors at the courses were: the head of the advanced training department of the NIOT Sapargeldy Durdiyev, the deputy director of the Institute of History and Archeology of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, Ph.D. 44 Aysenem Berdiyeva, history teacher at Ashgabat Secondary School No. 49 Ainur Khamrayeva, and Shemshat Geldiyeva, social sciences teacher at Yagshygeldi Kakayev International University of Oil and Gas.

As part of the courses, their participants visited one of the exemplary educational institutions of Ashgabat - a secondary specialized boarding school named after S. Turkmenbashi. They attended the lessons on the history of Turkmenistan, world history and the basics of the economy, and also discussed the methodology for conducting them.

On the final day, a round table was organized, which was held in an interactive format and summed up the work of advanced training courses on a number of topical topics, according to the Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper.





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