Subscription to the electronic version of the Bilim magazine became available online


In Turkmenistan, subscription to the electronic version of the pedagogical journal Bilim (“Education”) has become possible online.

The journal presents the rich experience of teachers and teaching staff of preschool educational institutions, schools and universities.

Kindergarten workers on the pages of the magazine can find materials on interaction with children and their parents, new ideas and interesting findings on creative projects, time-tested and latest methodological recommendations, scenarios for interactive games and educational activities. Parents will also find many useful resources here.

The journal publishes methodological recommendations for organizing the educational process in school institutions, best practices in the study of program subjects and extracurricular activities, methodological recommendations for preparing for school competitions.

For university teachers, the journal publishes materials on advanced pedagogical technologies, highlights the organization of the educational process, current trends in higher education and regulations.

You can subscribe to the website

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